Google and Wufoo Forms for Small Businesses


Are you presently running your own small business in your city or country? Just think about the anxieties you face daily when you deal with your business. Natural disasters might take place such as hurricanes and floods that can destroy your factory or office. Your country may face a huge economic downturn and you will lose revenue as a consequence. You may also find it  difficult to reach out to more customers. There’s also the business expenses, rent, payment to employees to think about. But what if there is a simple solution that will lessen the anxieties about your business dramatically? Moving or expanding your business into the Internet world has its amazing advantages.

Google Docs

Sometimes, it is best to take the Razor approach of Occam to app selection at, and the Google Docs is absolutely the simplest alternative out there for form building. Already rolled in your Google Apps package, and this free service has perfect integration with the other apps of Google, including spreadsheets and Gmail. Simply select one of the question formats, which include a basic text option and the scales and multiple choice. Google will not only record all the responses, but it also tabulate the whole thing into a visual and helpful analytics for each question. Google Docs is the basic answer, but unfortunately, it only comes with those simple attributes. Unlike other services, Google does not offer branching questions, ecommerce integration or custom visuals, which means that it can leave users wanting more.


You know that a form builder has qualifications and credentials when large-name brands are utilizing its services, and with clients like Y Combinator, and Twitter, Wufoo has some severe supporters. The interface of Wufoo is a seamless drag-and-drop system that enables for logo integration and total customization. In other words, your form will tailor to the aesthetic needs. There is even payment integration with the PayPal, which makes for perfect ecommerce forms if you are keen on selling merchandise on your site. Unfortunately, all of these options do not come economical. Wufoo does deliver a free option, but its delivering are weak: You can manage only in three forms one at a time, and the service will record only the first one hundred entries in a given month.

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